It's All In The Details...
February 23, 2007
United States

It's all in the details. I admit, a bit cliche, but when it comes to a wedding, it's so true. Chances are, most of your guests won't remember the pretty flowers you placed in the bathroom or the flawless topiaries that covered up corners, the crisp linen napkins that are the perfect shade of green or the pattern on your cake that took weeks to design. What they will notice, however, is the big picture...the style. And most of the time, that style is the result of many, many beautiful details that you thoughtfully infuse into various elements throughout the entire affair.

My friends over at Wiley Valentine recently told me about this incredibly talented wedding coordinator, who really knows how to create details...lovely little anecdotes that when brought together, create a grand impression. Here are some pics from Oh How Charming event design studio that are sure to inspire!Oh_how_charming_multi_cultural2





Lisa, at Oh How Charming, is brilliant. She has been featured in all of the best magazines...Town & Country Weddings, Grace Ormond and InStyle to name a few. She has a truly beautiful perspective and I am sure that my girls over at Wiley Valentine are right...she's sure to be the next big thing!

What are some of your favorite details? I would love for you to share your thoughts!