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Splurge vs. Steal
February 19, 2007

update...one of my favorite people, Melissa, just pointed out that I mispelled the word splurge...spluge on the photos. Yes, it's finally out in the open. I am a TERRIBLE speller. That is why design works for me! No words! I once spelled the word Massachusetts wrong on an invitation that went to 50 Massachusetts natives. and now, I am just a little too lazy to go in and change all of the photos:) The secret is out!

First and foremost...only 1 day left in the Mindy Weiss planner contest. A winner will be announced tomorrow morning, so there is still plenty of time to post a thoughtful and unique idea!

Let's get to it. Today is the first (of hopefully many!) Splurge vs. Steal posts, focusing completely on bridesmaid's dresses. I think that the settling on a bridesmaid dress is one of the trickier components to the wedding process. With different heights, shapes and sizes, not to mention budget constraints, it is incredibly difficult to find a gown that all the maids will agree on.

With that said, so many everyday designers are coming up with really great, affordable options that are MADE to flatter all different types of girls. Here are some of my top picks for all budgets:

You can't go wrong with a slimming little black dress (plus, your girls will be more likely to cough up the cash if they really can wear it again)...

(Below) ABS Satin Dress $375, Diana Cotton from J Crew $270, As U Wish from Nordstrom's $68


An empire waist dress (with a little breathing room) is another style that will flatter a wide variety of figures and hide ALL sorts of flaws...

(Below) Anna by thread $400, Camilla by J Crew $250,  Brocade Mini dress on sale at Anthropologie  $129.95


Chic and sophisticated NEVER goes out of style. Scour stores that you wouldn't typically think of for simple silhouettes, like major department stores, chains, sale racks at places like Anthropologie and J Crew and even places like Target and TJ Max sometimes have dresses that are timeless in cut and color.

(Below) Vera Wang, Emma by J Crew $195, JS Boutique at Nordstroms $118


If you're bridesmaids feel gorgeous, your wedding day will be so much easier. Here are some dresses that will make your bridesmaids feel like a million bucks...

(Below) Group USA on Brides, Lighthouse Dress on sale at Anthropologie $84, wrap dress by Victoria's Secret $98, Satin dress at Nordstrom $130


(Below) ABS Style $275, Lola at Jenny Yoo $382, Dot Shirtdress by ABS $220 and Tara by J Crew $340


Hopefully these dresses will give you a good idea as to where to begin...if I am being completely honest, I think that the new J Crew Spring line and the Vera Wang collection are the best. I am a bit biased, as my bridesmaid's wore Vera Wang, but it's true. In Vera, everyone looks good. It doesn't matter what shape, size or coloring they have, Vera's gowns just fit.

**Remember, send me YOUR ideas for bridesmaids dresses (or anything else wedding) and I will create an inspiration board for you!**