Contest: Mindy Weiss Planner
February 14, 2007

Every night, after work, but before Primetime, I blog...I reach into my little bag of goodies, finding the most innovative and unique ideas that people are doing, and I write. And, much to my delight, brides are reading it! Everyday more and more people check out my blog and it is actually starting to take on a life of it's own. I love that.

And yet, I have no idea who those readers are. What they want, what they love. So today, is you're day. I really want this blog to be a place where brides (and grooms) can chat, give ideas, discuss dilemmas and obsess over their own wedding style. It only happens once (or twice?), so you should revel in all of your self indulgent thoughts! Pretty soon, it will all be over, the white dress tucked neatly in the closet, the pictures put away in your favorite photo album...take full advantage of this time, ladies. Time really

Mindy_weiss_4 So, for all of you quiet readers out there, I ask you this...what are you lacking in other wedding websites? What do you want to read when you come to this site each day? Anyone that can come up with the best answer, will win this INCREDIBLE wedding planner, by celebrity wedding coordinator, Mindy Weiss. Mindy has planned the weddings of Trista & Ryan, Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale, Jackie & Adam Sandler and most recently Heidi Klum & Seal! Ummm, wow. At $99 a pop, and chock-a-block full of tips and advice from the best of the best, this is a great prize!

Please don't be shy...I want to make this blog really useful and something that you will read every day. The last day of the contest is Tuesday, so...let's get this party started!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts and ideas! Please use the "comments" tab at the bottom of the post.