Anne Watkins & Wedding Graffiti
February 12, 2007

Update...a new fabulous find has been added to the top of this post today! Thought you might need a little pick-me-up on Monday afternoon:)

Fabulous Find: Wonderful Graffiti Wedding

I found this while scouring BFF Bridal the other day and thought that it was a great idea. For those of you that are in-the-know in terms of the design world, vinyl wall adhesives are SUPER hot right now. They are a great, temporary way to add a little flair to your walls, your ceiling or even your furniture. Thus, in my opinion, these babies were made for weddings.

Wonderful Grafitti Wedding makes beautiful, rather chic looking vinyl decals that can be customized to capture whatever look or feel you are going for, and placed on just about any surface imaginable.


Aren't the great? One tip...wonderful graffiti has a ton of design options, so don't let the wedding themes scare you off, if that isn't your shtick. They have styles to suit every type of person, from the contemporary to the whimsical.

Fabulous Find: Anne Watkins

Close your eyes and imagine this…you’ve spent hours upon hours having your make-up applied, your hair carefully pinned, your dress adjusted to perfection. The flowers that are sprinkled in every corner of the room are spectacular, the bridesmaids are sweetly tearing up as the minister welcomes you and all of your guests…and lucky you…you are standing before the man of your dreams, about to create a memory that you will tell your children and grandchildren about in years to come. And off in the corner, tucked just out of view, is a woman with an easel and a watercolor palette, capturing your moment with such beauty and grace, you would hardly know that it was being created just for you.

Anne Watkins is just that woman. She uses a paintbrush, rather than a camera, to record the most precious moments in a couple’s life. And let me just say, her work is beautiful. Really, really beautiful. Museum beautiful. She paints in such a delicate and abstract way, it’s as if you are looking at your dream of a wedding, rather than a photo. Her work evokes this incredible romantic quality, one that will make you forget about the food that your husband had on his chin all night, or that your mother was slow dancing to "lets get it on" with the minister.


"Anne Watkins is an artist who works from life, using a watercolor kit instead of a camera. Anne paints her subjects quickly and precisely, recording them without fuss or formal poses, capturing moments of their daily lives, whether the days are momentous or typical." -

Although seemingly extravagant, the thought of having an artist at your wedding, ready to capture your friends and family in a way that a camera simply can't, just seems like the most personal touch to me. The watercolors aren't cheesy or overdone, so your guests can hang them on their walls, rather than just stashing them in a photo album only to look at them here and there. Here are some other images of Anne's work...


I love these! Can't even tell you how much I love these!!!