Tradition with a Twist
February 9, 2007

Update...I have had such a great response to Jean's inspiration board! I think that we will start doing one or two of these a week, so definitely send me your wedding ideas!

We have a really fun post today. One of our readers, Jean, asked me for a little help in creating a look for her wedding. Jean's church is very traditional in that perfect white steeple way, though her reception venue is sleek and modern. So the question is, how do you marry these two styles without it seeming forced or incohesive. After looking at the pictures that she sent me, here is what I came up with...


Top Row: Melissa Sweet gown, Melissa Sweet bridesmaid's dress; Middle Row: Abby Jean & calligraphy by Jan Boyd, flowers on, cake photo by eikon photo; Bottom Row: photo on, photo by A Perfect Event, Sage Restaurant

After seeing Jean's gorgeous Melissa Sweet gown, and imagining her dancing or chatting at the reception became really clear. In my head, the wedding is the perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary...lots of glowy candles and crystals, glittery accents, bubbling champagne.

-I picture the church filled with pillar candles and fluffy white or cream peonies, bridesmaids wearing a really simple neutral colored gown perhaps with gold filigree earrings, groom wearing a classic tux. Nothing too Martha Stewart, rather simple and romantic. This look will transition really well into a more contemporary reception space.

-I think that the reception is really the place where old can meet new. You should use as many candles as you possibly can without setting off the fire alarm, then accent the tables with hot pink flowers alternating with both large, overflowing vases and floating blooms in low set bowls.

-I really see the stationery as being chocolate brown with white calligraphy...chic but sophisticated. I think that a simple monogram would be a beautiful way to play up the tradition throughout the wedding.

-Also, a champagne cocktail (or really just a glass of good prosecco) stacked in a pyramid as the guests walk in would be a stunning way to add a little glitz. Most wait staff can serve a separate stash of champagne so that your guests don't drink the decoration.

-Favors could be something really simple, but decadent like a single truffle with your monogram or small bottle of your favorite champagne or sparkling wine. You could also line up a bunch of bud vases with a single flower inside and a thank you note attached.

So, those are my thoughts for Jean...hope it helps!

PS - Feel free to send me YOUR thoughts, pictures and ideas and I am more than happy to create an inspiration board for you!