Amy Kuschel
February 6, 2007

Amy_kuschel_2I thought that in honor of NY Fashion Week, I would do a couple of posts on wedding attire. The only thing is that I am in Boston right now, visiting family, and it is difficult for me to make all of the pretty picture collages that I usually, bear with me.

I am sure a lot of you have heard of this super fab designer, Amy Kuschel, based out of San Francisco. For those of you that haven't though, I wanted to share with you the great work that she is doing.

In a nutshell (I think that I use that phrase a little too much by the way:), Amy creates affordable couture. From satins to silks, empire wastes, to A-lines, to ball gowns, her work is all handcrafted in her San Francisco studio. You can pick from a ton of different silhouettes, fabrics and trims to create a gown that is completely "you" though without that completely "you" price.

My favorite silhouettes are the Applique Belt for an ultra chic, city wedding, the Caroline for a ballroom wedding and the Coco for the oh-so-flirty bride.


Here are some real photo's from Amy's 2007 runway show...


Aren't they beautiful? The prices start at $1500 (yes, you heard me right!) and go up to $3500 and beyond, depending on the complexity of the design. Then, you can pick from a variety of veils, wraps, jackets and sashes to complete the look. Now how many of your married friends can say that they wore couture to their wedding!

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