3 sets of wedding stationery
January 26, 2007

For future reference, Inspiration Boards are my way of having a brainstorming session. It is basically just a general "look" that I pull together from a variety of sources, whether it be fine china, textiles, old paintings, anything really...just like an interior designer or a fashion designer would create for a potential client, my inspiration boards help me to find a general direction and style that I want to go in with my designs.

Okay, here we go.

My very best childhood friend, Katie, is getting married in November. Another best friend from college, Anne, is getting married in August, and another, Deana, is getting married in September. Guess what...there's more. Sam is getting married in June and Laurie, one of my nearest and dearest, recently got engaged though still hasn't set a date. Can you believe that!? A normal person might be totally overwhelmed with all of the plane tickets, hotel rooms, bridesmaid dresses (I am in 2 of the weddings), etc. but not me! I am obsessed with the whole wedding ordeal. I love everything about it, the showers, the parties, the dresses, the i-do's the, everything.

So, needless to say, I am THRILLED to be doing some of the wedding stationery for the girls. I am currently working on Deana, Anne and Katie's Save the Dates. The challenge, is that these three girls couldn't be more different if they tried. Deana, works for British Vogue and is elegant and stylish to the very tips of her toes. Katie, is fun loving, totally casual and adores the vintage chic look. Anne is kind of a combination of both, with a hint of old world traditionalism. She is girly girl, she is super sentimental and she was honestly meant to be a bride. And thus the challenge of designing a Save the Date for each of them that captures their personality and sets the tone for the three completely different weddings....


Deana and her fiance, Daniel, are world travelers (he proposed while they were hiking in the French Alps) and are as sophisticated and beautiful as they come. The pair met in London, where they both live and have decided to have their wedding in the gorgeous Sardinia, Italy. As I mentioned before Deana has her dream job, working for British Vogue (she worked for W magazine here in the states). So, being totally in-the-know in terms of fashion, Deana has chosen a gorgeous color palette of dusty rose, beige, pale pinks, champagnes and taupes. She really wants the wedding stationery to reflect both romantic colors that she has, as well as the simple elegance that her wedding will be.

So, my initial thought for Deana's stationery is simplicity. I am thinking a pale, dusty rose card stock, with a deeper rose ink letterpressed in and accented with a slight (very delicate) victorian touches. Here is my inspiration board for Deana...


Top Row from Left: cake featured in Brides, vintage Vogue cover, Ring by Becky Kelso, Center Row: Vera Wang china, Ceci NY invitations, Bottom Row: Vera Wang and flowers featured on Brides.com, dress on style.com


Katie and her fiance live in Dallas, TX and are like yin and yang. We always joked that we should switch boyfriends (now husband and fiance), because mine is just like her and hers is just like me. Katie is the most fun person I know. She is one of the only people in the world that I know of who has peed down Pike's Peak, accidentally tripped a bride at a wedding while doing the Cotton Eye'd Joe, and volunteered to be the president of the social comittee at Southwest Airlines (don't worry, she does work there). So, I am really hoping to find that perfect balance between casual and sophisticated for her stationery. So far, these are the things that are inspiring me for Katie...


Top Row: Petit Fours by Laduree, flowers from Martha Stewart Wedding, invite by Ceci NY, Center Row: cake by Brides.com , Shoes by Hollywould, cake by Petit Fours , Bottom Row: dress by Vera Wang on Brides.com, Flowers on Brides.com, dress by J Crew


Anne was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is southern to the tips of her toes and as luck has it, she found a nice southern boy to call her Hubby. Anne and Price are getting married in the church that she grew up in, then having their reception at her family's country club. She is probably going to have somewhere in the ballpark of 400 plus people...a complete and utter wedding affair. I can't wait! Anne is a bit more classic and traditional than Deana or Katie and thus, for her stationery, I want to create something that will stand the test of time but will still tap into Anne and Price's playful personalities (and will capture the pink/red palette that she is going with)...


Top Row: Dress by J Crew, flower on Brides.com, stationery by Ceci NY, Center Row: Wendy Cromer Confections, Invitations by Ceci NY, Cakes featured on Brides.com,Bottom Row: dress by Vera Wang, Flowers on Brides.com, Dress by J Crew

So now I feel like I have a really good direction that I would like to take with the wedding stationery for all of my engaged girlfriends. It is so funny how things really take shape if you just sit down for the afternoon and create an inspiration board. I have one of these in my office that I always look to when I feel artistically challenged. It is a great way to really fine tune your "style" if you are just beginning the planning process, as well!

I would LOVE to see other inspiration boards, so if you have one, take a pic and send it on over!

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