Wedding Video

Welcome to Style Me Pretty’s Wedding Video Collection. One of our favorite parts of the wedding experience is the wedding video that follows, as they often capture the wedding in a way that is nearly tangible. We’re not talking about your average, run of the mill wedding videos. We’re talking about wedding cinema that is stunning in its depth, captivating in its authenticity, timeless in its composure. Wedding cinema that gives you a front row seat to the most gorgeous weddings you’ve ever seen, that makes you feel like you are one of the invited guests. So together, we’ve curated a collection of wedding videos over the past few years that have truly left a mark on our hearts and on those of our readers. They will make you cry, they will make you laugh, they will quite possibly bring out the total romantic in you no matter how many times you view them. So this is it. Shot using a myriad of approaches, from Super 8 wedding videos to high definition wedding videos, this a list of the most inspiring and creative vignettes that we’ve found, each having been featured either on our wedding blog or on our facebook fan page.

And if you know of a wedding video that you love that isn’t featured or if we’ve missed one of your favorites, let us know! If you’re a wedding vendor who would like to submit your favorite video to SMP for publications, please use our submissions tool. For the rest of you, grab a cocktail, kick up your feet and prepare to fall in love!