Ok these two are just too cute for words. Their adorable shoot captured by Katie Parra Photography  is basically as adorable as they come, and it totally proves that a little rain will never ruin your shoot, heck, it might just make it better. See even more of these cuties here

From Katie Parra PhotographyHere in Seattle we get used to rescheduling photoshoots due to rain. Especially when we are planning on being outside for most of the shoot….like on a boat….in the middle of South Lake Union. Well having already rescheduled due to rain once before Sara, Stephen and I decided we were going to go for it despite the rainy day we were given. They were such troopers and luckily I was able to commandeer a boat with a roof. Our captain’s name was Jack….yup Captain Jack…..Sparrow?? At least that’s what we called him all afternoon. He was super nice and gave us a lovely guided tour through the floating homes and even took us by the famous Sleepless in Seattle houseboat. Hot chocolate with diamond ring marshmallows kept us toasty warm and we were greeted by two adorable ducks when we arrived back at the docks. The rain couldn’t dapper our fun afternoon and I think you will see in the images just how in love Sara and Stephen really are. They are practically glowing! I just know their wedding day is going to be something very special.

Photography: Katie Parra Photography | The Center For Wooden Boats: The Center For Wooden Boats

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