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"Tree People"

Beverly Hills Photo Shoot from Mary Costa Photography

This couple is so wise. Not only did they pick each other (which after one look at the images from Mary Costa Photography, and you just know that was a good idea), but they also decided to snap up some pictures in the gorgeous California sunshine before heading back to the east coast for the next chapter in their life. Which is simply genius. One peek at the pictures they get to take along with them, and you will surely agree.


Wrap It Up Pretty!

My, oh my, what a pretty week it's been here on SMP!  We spent every second of our Monday through Friday wrapped up in drop-dead gorgeous details and uber-fabulous inspiration... and then came the launch of our annual Best Weddings of 2011 Magazine!  Yep, this week has been one giant pretty party and we are LOVING every.single.minute!  So, how could we possibly wrap up such a fabulous week?  Well, with...