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"Presidio Golden Gate Club"

Whimsical Summer Wedding at the Golden Gate Club

No matter where in the city the celebration takes place, a San Fran wedding always proves to be amazing, and this one at the Golden Gate Club is a perfect example. With bright blooms and endless smiles, this is the sort of wedding that puts everyone in a great mood.


Modern Log Cabin Shoot

There's nothing I love more than a modern approach to a rustic affair. And this, m'dears, is how it's done. With Nancy Liu Chin DesignsMira Aster,  rEvolve Furniture Company and Michelle Walker on the job, they whipped up a "modern homestead" shoot...


San Francisco Wedding, 2 Ways

Even in the most beautiful of beautiful weddings, there is usually one or two things that completely catch my attention and force me to devour every inch of the affair. And in the case of this next was ALL about the flowers. And the gorgeous, adorable, totally charming wedding cake. The bride and groom really approached their wedding 2 ways, with a Western foundation and a heavy infusion of the groom's Chinese culture. And the result, was absolutely lovely.