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"Playa Fiesta"

Puerto Vallarta Wedding from Michelle Turner Photography

Is it crazy that this little wedding blogger has never known there was an official time for the Jewish bride and groom to be alone and really the commitment they just made sink in? Yichud. I LOVE this tradition - a time for the couple to let the joy and happiness wash over them while their friends and family are outside celebrating their new marriage. It seems perfect - something I wouldn't mind incorporating into my every day!


Puerto Vallarta Wedding by Michelle Turner + Eduardo Reyes

Now this is how you do a Destination wedding. Warm weather, sandy beaches, palm trees and I'm sure a few fruity cocktails. More importantly, there's not a lick of snow insight. Yep, Puerto Vallarta is indeed heaven and this wedding of one really adorable couple is basking in all this locale has to offer. But enough about musings of the tropical climate kind, (forgive me it's COLD in Boston). When Michelle Turner is manning the...