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"Marie Gabrielle"

Classic Dallas, Texas Wedding by Ryan Ray Photo

Ryan Ray has a way with the camera. He honestly takes the kind of pictures that melt a viewers heart and pull them head over heels into each and every photograph and for reasons like that I am deeming myself President of the Ryan Ray Fan Club. One glance at this Texas beauty that's equal parts classic and ga ga gorgeous and you'll want to hop on his bandwagon too. Lucky you, I think we still need a Vice President.


October Wedding In Texas From Andrea Polito

Abby and I were both born and raised in Texas. So when we tell you about the 20 golden days of October, well...we know what we're talking about! Both of Abby's sisters were married in Houston, in October and we couldn't have asked for any better weather. Impressed the heck out of all of our northern kinfolk! Almost convinced them that we don't live in the desert ... almost! And like all Texas Octobers ~  these past few weeks in Houston have been spot on with glorious days! Sometimes, we get...