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"Lion's Park"

Carpinteria Wedding at Lions Park by B.Schwartz Photography

I need everyone to sit down for this one. Do you trust me? Good. Because when I tell you this wedding by B.Schwartz Photography cost just 10 g's, you might think I am lying. But I am not. No sirrreee. This style-filled, gorgeous-fest is a budget wedding, and to be honest I can't even believe it. It's just SO beautiful. SO full of details and florals and all the little things that make me swoon - and it all goes to show, you...


Carpinteria Wedding by Erika Anne Photography

Anyone who knows me knows that I love sweets especially cakes.  So when I saw these colorfully frosted pastries all lined up in a row I fell into a sugar-induced state of happiness.  The rest of this sweet, pastel-hued Carpinteria wedding by Erika Anne Photography is equally as lovely.  All the handmade details, including the incredibly crafted crocheted centerpieces and favors, work in perfect harmony to create a casually elegant affair.