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"Laurita Winery"

Laurita Winery Wedding from Lime Green Photography

The moodiness of Lime Green Photography's work is stunning. It really puts a lump in your throat, whether you know the beautiful couple or not. I don't personally know these two (though, based on their amazing wedding I think we would totally hit it off) but I had to fight back the tears the entire time I was looking through the gallery!


New Jersey Winery Wedding from Kay English

In true Kay English fashion, the images of these New Jersey sunset nuptials are stunning. I mean, hold your breath, count your goosebumps, clasp your hands under your chin stunning. Kay captured this beautiful wedding in a way that is soft and romantic, and this gallery makes me feel like I was there soaking up every gorgeous detail!


Laurita Winery Wedding Video by CinemaCake

CinemaCake just made my morning with this fabulous film, and you can bet your bottom dollar it will make yours too! Just hit play and consider your day made - simple as that! They unfold this couple's story in the most stylish of ways, proving how incredibly wonderful wedding cinematography really is. So let yourself get lost in this real life love story - really is there anything better?