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"Ladies' Pavillon"

New York City Wedding at the New York Academy of Medicine

New York City weddings always tend to sparkle, but this one shines in a way that will surely leave you speechless. Captured by Justine Bursoni and planned by La Vie En Rose, this wedding is not only stylish but it's also soulful - making it a serious winner in our eyes. See it all here.


New York Garden Wedding by Mademoiselle Fiona

After spending a whirlwind 24 hours in New York yesterday, I can fully appreciate an affair in the heart of this big, bustling city that feels so intimate, so serene, so full of love. Not to say there isn't a whole lot of love in the Big Apple, just that it all seems a little fast and furious. But not this beautiful moment in time captured by Mademoiselle Fiona. It's a glimpse into a gorgeous wedding with a couple that didn't let...