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"La Bandita"

Al Fresco La Bandita Wedding

This stunning Bride and I? We share some common ground. We're both obsessed with beautiful blooms. And I can only hope that my Big Day is bursting with as many pretty petals as hers, thanks to the team at Tuscany Flowers. They're woven in all the lovely imagery from Facibeni Fotografia and set the romantic tone for this al fresco Italian fete.


Tuscany Wedding by Warm Pears

Oh Tuscany, when will our paths ever cross? A trip to Tuscany just seems divine, and hosting a wedding there just seems too good to be true. But that's exactly where this cute couple said their I do's - with the gorgeous Tuscan views as their guest of honor.  And may I just say that the bride's dress has taken my breath away? The entire affair is like a dream, and I highly recommend you take a little journey to...