7 Things Your Bridal Consultant Should Tell You

From bridal consultant to blushing bride; I have walked in both shoes. After working with hundreds of brides, steaming thousands of dresses, and consoling countless over-emotional MOB’s (Mother of the Bride), I learned what it takes to be a great bridal consultant. I juggled brides of all shapes, sizes, budgets, and emotions, and sold them the dress of their dreams. During that time, I learned what a huge difference the right bridal consultant can make and here’s exactly what they should tell you at your appointment…

“You Look Beautiful”

Wedding dress shopping can bring out insecurities in any bride. Feeling insecure is a common emotion to have, however the appointment should leave you feeling confident and beautiful. The right bridal consultant will recognize the features that make you unique and beautiful and she will not only find a dress to accentuate those features; she will vocalize that to you.

“You Should Try Something New”

It’s common for a bride to be so set on a dress style before she has even walked into a bridal salon. That can be helpful for the appointment, however the right bridal consultant will push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to try something a little different. You would be surprised at how many brides end up saying “yes” to a dress that’s opposite of what they originally thought they wanted.

“The Price of the Dress is…”

Some brides save up for their wedding dress for years. Others; their Dad pays in full on the spot. No matter where you are financially, your bridal consultant should be very honest with you about the price of a dress. If you want to try on a dress that is out of our budget, your bridal consultant should kindly tell you so that you are mentally prepared. A bridal consultant is not there to trick you or make you feel bad. She should be making this financial decision as easy as she can for you.

“Tell Me How You’re Feeling”

There are times in an appointment where your Mom will not stop crying about how beautiful you look, your Sister is making passive aggressive comments, and your Grandma is noticing (and criticizing) your tattoo for the first time (sorry Grandma)! So when a bridal consultant is alone with you in the dressing room, she should catch on to your emotions and ask you how you’re feeling. With so many exciting, and nerve-wracking emotions; someone needs to help you calm down when the entourage is getting exhausting, and who better to do it than the consultant.

“It’s Time to Stop Looking”

Even after you have tried on a dress that you love, you may feel the need to keep looking. This can be a slippery slope and cause you to become more and more confused about which dress you like the best. I remember my boss finally telling an overwhelmed bride that she needed to stop. When you find a dress you love, (similar to when you find a significant other that you love) you do not keep looking. You may like characteristics in another dress (or person) but that does not mean you need to keep shopping around. When you have found the one you truly love, let that be the one.

“This is How the Dress Bustles”

Trumpet, ball gown, sheath, or mermaid… each silhouette bustles a little differently. Your bridal consultant knows how each dress shape bustles and she should be able to show you at your appointment. The bustle can make the dress look different in the back so it is important for you to know exactly how the dress will look at each moment of your wedding.

“Here’s What to Expect Post Purchase…”

Each bridal salon has specific rules and details you will need to know after you have put the deposit down on your dress. Some have rules of when the full payment is due, others specify whether or not they will store the dress for you once the dress arrives, and whether or not they offer alterations services. No matter the rules and expectations, you will want to make sure you’re fully aware so that there are no surprises months later.

Shopping for a wedding dress is a special and exciting time for every bride. The right bridal consultant will make you feel prepared and beautiful, all while keeping the end goal in mind; helping you marry the person of your dreams.

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How Fresh Greens took this Country Wedding to the Next Level

Greenery and garden blooms never disappoint but when paired with an elegant country wedding in Texas, they’re downright gorgeous. Set against a bright white barn, with climbing garland and fuchsia colored florals by The Southern Table plus a marbled dream cake by Sugar Bee Sweets, this insanely cute couple said “I Do”. And fun fact, all the farm tables so beautifully adorning the reception were handmade by the Bride’s family. Now that is dedication. See the full affair captured by Adria Lea Photography right here in the vault.


From the Bride… Our story began back in High School (in Garland, TX), however we did not realize it at the time. We knew of each other, but our paths did not cross much. A few years passed after High School, and we ran across each other again during a birthday get-together on Lower Greenville in Dallas, TX. We dated a couple of times, but were geographically separated too much at the time to give it a serious try (Don was in the Air Force stationed at Wichita Falls, TX and Jennifer was living in Dallas, TX). Seven years later, we met up in Austin, TX (Jennifer came down with her girlfriend’s birthday and Don was living there). We both agreed that we needed to try dating seriously this time, and nearly every other weekend we were together in either Dallas or Austin for three years straight. We did everything together and made a lot of great memories. It was clear that the third time was a charm, and we had found the one that we had been looking for our whole lives (not knowing they had been there all along).

The proposal (07/02/2016) was surprise at the Harbor in Rockwall, with family on both sides prepped in secret (Don drew a map for family to park and hide safely out of view). We walked towards the movie theatre from the hotel and stopped in front of the fountain (Don took out some pennies and said, “Remember that one time we came here one of our first dates and tossed in coins for good luck? Jennifer said, “Yes I do.”). We then closed our eyes and made a wish and then tossed in the pennies (Don then turned to Jennifer and said, “Remember that one time we came here and I proposed to you?” He got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” Jennifer covered her mouth in happiness and said “Yes!”). All the family them came running out of hiding sharing their congratulations.

The wedding day was the perfect family country wedding. It was exactly how we imagined, from the beginning to the end. It was such a blessing to have friends and family travel from near and far to be with us on that special day. Jennifer’s family did a remarkable job on custom building all the picnic style tables that were used for the reception (countless hours by the whole family). The First Look was one of the most emotional moments of the day, leaving both the Bride and Groom in unbearable anticipation. When we both saw each other, our hearts were full of love. Don was simply in awe of Jennifer. The ceremony was held outside in the most perfect day; we could not have asked for better weather. Don lost it when Jennifer came down the aisle to “A Thousand Years” in string quartet. The reception was full of laughter and good times with karaoke and dancing. The exit was lit with sparklers and well wishes as we waived good bye to all our loved ones. The perfect day, the perfect couple.

Vault CTA

Vault CTA



Photographer: Adria Lea Photography | Florist: The Southern Table | Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets | Bride's Shoes: Aldo | Jewelry: Jared | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Nordstrom | Caterer: Soulman's BBQ | Makeup Artist: Shilpa Koshky | DJ: James Corona | Transportation: Allpoints Corporate Express | Venue: The White Sparrow | Dress Designer: Pallas Couture | Menswear: Custom made by Vu's Tailor

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DIY Wedding Decor: Silver Geometric Shapes

When my wedding planning process first began, I knew that it would involve a few DIY projects. But it wasn’t until I put together a visual direction that it became apparent what that might be. I knew silver accents were going to play a key role in styling, so I came up with an idea that would mimic the geometric shapes of constellations, incorporate pieces of greenery and use disco balls to create that twinkling effect in our tented reception. Today I’m sharing the instructions for how to make silver geometric diamonds using items you likely already have on hand – so get crafting and enjoy!


Straws (I used regular thin straws and wider “smoothie straws” for variety)
Silver muffler tape
String (I used ‘Bamboo Cord’, from the beading section of the craft store)
Thin wooden dowel or skewer
Ruler or measuring tape
Invisible thread (for hanging)
Greenery of your choice
Thin floral wire
Wire cutters
Disco balls (in a variety of sizes)


Cut your straws to size. You can experiment with various lengths and shapes, but I used two different sizes for this project, using the regular thin straws for the smaller diamonds, and the wider straws for the larger diamonds, with the following lengths for each:

Small Diamonds:
Four 3” straws
Six 5. 5” straws

Large Diamonds:
Four 9” straws
Six 6” straws

Cut the muffler tape into pieces that correspond with your straw lengths. For the thinner straws, one piece of muffler tape will actually cover two straw pieces, so you can cut those in half lengthwise once they’re the right size. For the thicker straws, you’ll need the full width of tape to wrap each piece of straw.

Wrap the straws lengthwise with the muffler tape. You’ll want to be very careful doing this, as the tape is incredibly sticky and wrinkles easily. Gently peel off the tape backing, lay the tape flat on your work surface and then place the straw lengthwise along one side of your tape. Roll the straw gently, covering with tape and smoothing as you go.

In order to start constructing our diamonds, we first want to attach a length of the string to the wooden dowel using a small piece of tape, which we’ll be “threading” through the straws. I like to start with a fairly long piece of string so that I can limit how many times I need to reattach a new pieces of string, but do whatever you feel comfortable working with.

Thread through three straws in this sequence — long, short, long — leaving a small tail of string at the beginning. Pull the string taut at the end, forming a triangle with the three straws and tying off the string with a tight double knot where the two ends meet. Trim any excess string.

Following the same idea as the previous step, we’ll add our next section. Start from the bottom, threading through one of the long straws, then adding a short straw followed by another long straw. Again, tie off at the bottom and trim the ends, leaving you with two triangular sections.

Again, starting from the bottom, thread through one of the long straws, then add a short straw and then another long straw, once again tying off at the bottom and trimming the ends. Now you’ll have three triangular sections.

To finish off the bottom section and create the pyramid shape of the diamond, thread through one of the long straws, add a short straw at the top, and then thread back down through the long straw on the other side, tying off at the bottom. Now you should have a 3D pyramid shape.

For the top section of the diamond, we want to thread through one of the small straws on the pyramid, and then add two more small straws, threading back through one of the base small straws in order to meet the other end of the string and tie it off.

Follow the same instructions as the previous step to add your final two small straws that will create the top of the diamond shape. And voila! You now have a silver diamond, ready to be decorated and hung as you please. If you want to add greenery, disco balls or any other decorations, you can follow the steps below, or you can simply use the diamonds on their own.

To Add Greenery:

Trim off small pieces of greenery, grouping to create little bundles that achieve the look you’re going for. Use a small piece of floral wire to tie the pieces together, and then to attach the bundles to the diamond shapes.

To Add Disco Balls:

Use invisible thread to hang the disco balls or other accents in the center of the diamonds, tying at the top of the diamond. Hang the diamonds in groups at varying heights to create a layered effect. They make a great installation or backdrop, and when they catch the light, you’ll find it dancing it dancing on the walls thanks to the disco balls and reflective silver.

Vault CTA

Vault CTA



Photography + Styling: Studio Bicyclette

Paige Boersma

The Most Elegant Island-Style Elopement Draped in Florals

It doesn’t get much prettier than the majestic backdrop of the Hawaiian Islands; and Anna Ranch is right in keeping with all that tropical beauty. Inspired by this gorgeous locale, Moana Events, Modern Elopement and Grace Flowers Hawaii crafted the most elegant elopement inspiration draped in a sea of white. This destination wedding is taken to a whole new level of stunning. See even more of Aria Studio’s beautiful captures right here.

Inspired from the history and beauty of Anna Ranch tucked in the uplands of Hawaii Island, we designed a sophisticated and elegant all-white elopement against one of Hawaii’s majestic backdrops that tourists rarely have the opportunity to experience.
The rolling and impossibly green hills of Waimea serve as the backdrop for the quaint and historic Anna Ranch.

Anna who the ranch is named after was a real woman and inherited the ranch in 1939 after it being in her family for a century and earned her title as “The First Lady of Ranching.” Not only was Anna a skilled rancher and sportswoman, she also loved to throw amazing social events at the ranch to raise funds for the surrounding community. Anna always dreamt of developing a heritage center on her ranch and toward the end of her life she donated her land and ranch house to the community and it has since been listed on the National Historic Register.

In the same vain as our unexpected heroine and romantic hills we wanted to design a sweetheart tablescape perfect for a luxurious elopement that represented Hawaii’s natural foliage without the usual brightly colored flowers. Instead, we wanted tropical Hawaiian flowers in elegant whites and greens paired with romantic lace linens and vintage inspired dinnerware. The cascading white orchids and crown flowers were inspired by the Hawaiian lei and subtly represents the bride and groom as royalty on their special day.

The elegant simplicity of the Sarah Janks wedding gown was perfect for our modern interpretation on the traditional Hawaiian wedding lei. The lei has been used for hundreds of years to signify the wearers status, enhance beauty, and show love and respect from the lei giver to the receiver. The crown flowers that made up the backward lariat style lei that dramatically draped down our bride’s back were chosen because they were Queen Liliuokalani’s favorite and most prized flower.

The bride’s exquisite bouquet matched our non-traditional Hawaiian theme with white bougainvillea, orchids, and tropical white antheriums mixed with white garden flowers and tied with a cascade of crown flower strands.

Vault CTA

Vault CTA



Photography: Aria Studios | Event Design: Moana Events | Event Planning: Modern Elopement | Floral Design: Grace Flowers Hawaii | Hair and Makeup : Mara McMichael | Calligraphy: Hawaii Calligraphy | Venue: Anna Heritage Ranch Center | Dress & Veil: Love And Lace- A Bridal Boutique | Linens : Les Saisons | Photo Processing: Indie Film Lab | Rentals: Big Island Tents | Rentals: Maison De Ware | Wedding Ring: Heidi Gibson

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