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"HollyHedge Estate"

Rustic Holly Hedge Wedding

From the moment the guests laid eyes on the beautiful invitation suite from Bella Figura, they knew they were in for something special. And something special it was, based on the images from Alison Conklin Photography. Black tie but with a hint of classy boho, rustic but fresh, this wedding was superb.


Classic New Hope Wedding from Cliff Mautner Photography

People often ask if I ever tire of looking at weddings all day. If I ever don't have something to say about a particular wedding. And the answer is absolutely not. Not only to I absolutely love every emotion, detail, and kiss that a wedding entails, but I get to have a backstage pass into the most special day in a couple's life. I get to see the excitement on each and every brides face. I get to see the emotion of the guests, the parents, the bridal party, the couple. I get to see special...