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"Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center"

Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center Wedding from Deborah Zoe Photo

Some weddings just have a magic touch, that little something that makes them stand out from the rest and sparkle. And this wedding, my friends, is one of those. We don't know if it's the gorgeous bride's bright smile, those fabulous Kate Spade shoes, or the bold and beautiful tablescapes with chevron runners and gold flower vases. Whatever it is, we've got a serious crush on this wedding from Deborah Zoe Photo.


Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center Wedding by Suzanna March Photography

I think my heart has a special place reserved for bow ties - because the minute I see their dapper little selves, I get a little too giddy for my own good. So when you pair bright yellow bow ties with one of my all time favorite color palettes in one of my all time favorite cities, you can only imagine what kind of happy dance I am doing over here. Lucky for all of us, Suzanna March Photography was there to capture all the...