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A Simple Christmas Soiree

If you're like us, you've been looking forward to the holidays since last New Year's. There simply isn't another time of year that captures that same feeling of hope, camaraderie, and peace. I mean, when else do you get a chance to relive the glory years with your best friends from high school and have meaningful, philosophical discussions about life with your favorite aunt? As many of these happenings occur during holiday gatherings, it was the notion of nostalgia that initially shaped our...


Beer Tasting Party from Liz and Ryan

Liz and Ryan are an adorable couple who not only take awesome pictures but know how to host awesome parties as well. (Two thumbs up for that combo) Their latest venture is a beer tasting party perfect for a Fall get together and this one happens to be 100% boy approved. Plus it's full of great DIYs that make for a party so easy to recreate, you'll be on your way to beer tasting with friends in no time.