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Florida Wedding by Brooke Images

We're clearing out our overflowing inboxes today and lucky for you guys...that means one gorgeous wedding after another. Pick and choose the ones you want to devour or fall in love with them all. It's totally up to you! This next one come from St. George, Florida and is the epitome of modern tradition. A traditional black and white color palette, paired with modern centerpieces (by Whole Foods!?) and a simple but stunning style. And the cupcakes? Beyond.


Carmel Valley Wedding by Melissa Diep

Is it just us or is that not the hottest little white dress you've ever seen? Myka and Georges had a FABULOUS modern white wedding in a rustic old barn and the contrast is so very easy on the eyes. From her yummy cocktail engagement ring, to the DIY ribboned booties and that big bloom atop her head, Myka is all about steal-worthy style and we are taking notes. Of course she is a fellow wedding blogger and...