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"White Chicago"

theWit Hotel Wedding by Robin Lin Photography

This Chicago wedding goes out to all you modern loving brides out there!  And who doesn't love a simple and chic yet totally glam wedding?  I, for one, am a HUGE fan and loving every inch of this colorful and contemporary celebration.  The pops of pink, yellow and orange create a striking contrast to the sleek Chicago hotel.  The result is polished and positively perfect.  It could only be made better by the sweet images by ...


From Chicago With Love ~ Gourmet Invitations

This is a super-gorgeous wedding that was sent to us by our great friend, Tifany at Gourmet Invitations. Classic. Elegant. It's a true testament to knowing what you love ... knowing what is most important to you on your wedding day ... and going to town with it!

First, ~ the dress!
I knew my “perfect dress” had to be lace, and that once I found it, we’d design everything else...