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"Weddings of Desire"

Non-Traditional Melbourne Winery Wedding

For this sweet Melbourne couple, planning a wedding came down to hosting a relaxed summer party where formalities were best left at the door. Instead, they opted for moments of meaning - like their two-year-old  son Blax walking Mommy down the aisle, and had Milk Photography on hand to capture every bit. It's everything we looove about a free-spirited affair and there's lots more waiting right here. From the Bride.


Modern Australia Wedding from Stewart Leishman

Can we just be honest and admit that Monday mornings can be a bit of a drag? As the start of a week comes all too soon, it can be easy to write it off as just a dud of a day. But fear not SMPers, because Monday morning just got a whole lot lovelier thanks to this modern Australian affair. Bursting with personality and an ample dose of colorful flair, it's everything you need to start your week off right. Plus, there's even more beautiful imagery by ...