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"Trio Salon"

Los Gatos Wedding from Tyler Branch Photo

An infusion of cultures, a celebration of family (+ friends) and a natural setting that will take your breath away.  This stunning day captured by Tyler Branch is the perfect way to start the weekend... and just an amazing way to spend a few hours in general.  It's a plethora of light-filled images meets stunning orange hues meets some of the loveliest details you will ever, ever see and it's all sitting pretty in the full gallery.


Los Gatos Wedding at Nestldown from Tyler Branch Photo

A Los Gatos love-fest.  That's what I am calling this stunning day captured by Tyler Branch Photo, because, well... it sooo is.  The perfect combination of nature-inspired details, laid-back elegance and beautiful cultural traditions, it's a breathtaking Nestldown setting meets gorgeous florals from Lisa Jack Giudicelli meets sweet DIY details, all wrapped up in some of the...


University of Chicago Wedding from Matushek Photography

Is it awkward that I want to call these two cuties up? Probably a little, but I seriously can't help myself. Because with just one look at their seriously stylish wedding snapped up by Matushek Photography I can just tell they might be the coolest people ever. Or at least the most adorable. Let's just say if their wedding was a reflection of them as a couple, I want to be their best friend.