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SmogShoppe Wedding from Stacey Lynn Design + Maya Myers Photography

It absolutely never fails. Weddings at the SmogShoppe are some of the stylish around. It somehow attracts the some of the most seriously chic couples, and this Bride and Groom fall beautifully in that category. With only a month to plan their dream fête, they pulled together their family and friends and a few stellar vendors -  and that day? It couldn't have been more perfect.


Wine & Cheese Wedding Shoot from Nina Mullins Photography

A sure fire way to my heart is wine and cheese. As in, I'm THAT girl at the party hovering over the delicious cheese platter, only coming up for air when I need a sip of wine. And THAT girl is loving this shoot that's bringing the idea of a cozy, intimate wedding and marrying it with heart-happy details that end in a little bonfire and marshmallow roasting. Photographed by Nina Mullins who collaborated with ...