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"The DryBar"

New York City Skyline Wedding from Kensington Blue Photography

Let's talk for a moment about how very awesome traditional weddings are, shall we?  How they are seriously dripping in elegance and a downright sophistication that can.not.be.beat.  How they feature the loveliest bride and grooms, stop-you-in-your-tracks details and moment after moment of pure, unadulterated happy.  And then let's talk about how this fabulous gem of a day from Kensington Blue Photography is all of the...


Santa Barbara Engagement Session from Edward Scott Foto

We have been itching to share the adorableness of this couple for some time now, and we couldn't be more excited that today is finally the day. And although I would love to blabber on and on (as I tend to do) about just how amazing this couple is, and how they are most definitely going to live happily every after - I am going to instead pass that baton to the Groom. Because his description might go down in SMP history as the very best, and one look below and you'll know why. So thank you ...