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"Tamara Kuzminski Photography"

English Wedding by Tamara Kuzminski Photography

Garden parties were born to be in England. They are like peanut butter and jelly, those two, and this pretty number photographed by Tamara Kuzminski is an English garden fete done so, so right. The lovely hats, the pretty tea cups, the green rolling hills...we'll take it all! See more of this wedding from across the pond in the gallery.


French Wedding by Emma Case Photography

Are you ready for a day FULL of one lovely wedding after another? How about TWO days full of one lovely wedding after another? Bananas, right? We have so many fabulous soirees in our vaults, we simply couldn't resist. You know the drill...little snippets of tons of amazing weddings = you picking and choosing what wedding you want to see more of by clicking right on the good ol' gallery.

Let's get started with what can only be described as DIY Heaven in the French Countryside. The...