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"Sugaree Baking Company"

St. Louis Wedding by Hawes Photography

This next little wedding is cool as a cucumber. Which is a saying that I totally don't get by the way. But it's the first thing I thought when I laid eyes on this adorable affair photographed by Hawes Photography. It's this really laid back, really pretty, really unfussy wedding that you just KNOW was a total blast. And the imagery? Ummm....beyond.


Jeffrey & Julia Woods With Cosmopolitan Events In St. Louis

It's a virtual winter wonderland in Boston today and unbelievably beautiful! Being a Texas girl, I can honestly say ~ I LOVE it.  I seriously can't wait to get out and take a few pics of my granddaughter to send back to my Houston family! With all of the excitement from this past week (Abby & Tait's new son, plus Christmas, now a snowstorm ... well, it's really been a bit chaotic around here.

But not so much that we would stop moving onward and upward with more beautiful...