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"Savory Cuisines"

Colorful Indian Fusion Wedding at 63rd Street Farm

Pair a gorgeous location like 63rd Street Farm with vibrant cultural touches and one fabulous DIY detail after another and the result is this: a day that is dripping in beauty, from the very first image captured by Stone Crandall to the very last kiss between a bride and groom who are sooo cute, you won't be able to stop staring at...


Boulder Backyard Wedding from Julie Afflerbaugh Photography

We have an international affair to share with you on this Monday morning, LBBers. The lovely American bride met her handsome groom in Italy, and they came all the way back to Boulder, Colorado, to the bride's childhood home, to wed. And can I just say, I love weddings at home. Maybe it's the Franck Egglehoffer (any Father of the Bride fans?) in me, but there is just something so sweet and romantic about a wedding at home.