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"Poetry in Motion"

Stop Everything and Listen to these Amazing Vows

Whatever it is you are doing right now, you need to stop and watch this amazing piece of cinema from Lux Films.  Seriously... just trust me on this one.  Because if ever there were vows you need to hear, it's the sweet sentiments these two cuties shared with each other.  You'll laugh, you'll cry (a lot) and you'll sit in wonder at just how much this stunning fashion model and handsome NFL player love each other. Press play NOW. [iframe http://www.


Los Gatos Wedding by Delbarr Moradi

There's so many things to love about California, but I think my favorite has to be how different each area looks. Pretend just for a moment that you didn't know Los Gatos was in Northern California and this next wedding might just seem like it leaped right off the pages of a fairytale. Hansel and Gretel, perhaps? Captured by Delbarr Moradi, this romantic and airy wedding will send you straight off to la-la land, in a...