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"Plume Bridal"

Historic Cedarwood Wedding from Rachel Moore Photography

I've got a big case of the warm fuzzies after spending more time with this wedding than I'm willing to admit. Designs in Paper drew me and (I presume) every single guest into a day which can only be described as beautiful. Cedarwood Weddings put it's stamp on the soiree, so of course you know it's stunning.


Montana Outdoor Wedding from Ryan Ray Photography

I really don't even know where to begin with this wedding. Of course there are the hold-your-breath beautiful images that our friend Ryan Ray captured. And the this-can't-be-real farm backdrop complete with perfect horses and dressed up vintage bicycles. But then there is also this bride and this groom. Who are so madly in love I almost think I should look away. But then I can't. Because they are just so lovely and the wedding that...