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"Pastry Garden"

Hudson Valley Wedding from Ulysses Photography

A little trip to New York's Hudson Valley this morning is going to make today your favorite day this week. With Ulysses Photography's images to guide us, we're visiting a wedding that has knocked my socks off, and is sure to do the same to yours. It's all gorgeous bride here, stunning flowers there, magic absolutely everywhere. And just when you need more...


Garrison, New York Wedding from Carla Ten Eyck + Datura: A Modern Garden

Here at SMP, we consider ourselves big Carla Ten Eyck fans. Maybe even the biggest. When Carla sends one of her weddings our way, I can not contain the glee. And when Datura: A Modern Garden is behind the floral design - the glee maybe doubles. As you can most definitely see from this wedding, Datura has a way with flowers - turning them into pieces of art that make a wedding phenom.