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"Paige Tanenbaum"

Charleston Wedding from Gayle Brooker

On first glance, this Charleston wedding is the perfect day -- drenched in pretty with every detail in place. But behind every perfectly posed flower and flawless reception design is a story...a testament, if you will,  to just how extraordinary the vendors we feature really are. Because when a tornado (that's right, a tornado) comes to destroy an outdoor reception masterpiece mere hours before the guests arrive, only a team of fiercely talented vendors led by Lizz of ...


Lowndes Grove Plantation Wedding from Virgil Bunao Fine Art Weddings

The best soiree, in my most humble of opinions, has to have a little nod to the water. I love everything by the sea, so a wedding with a super chic - but oh so subtle nautical factor wins my heart over and over again, every single time. And throw Virgil Bunao Fine Art Weddings and his camera into the mix for a result that is be-yond. Beyond my expectations, beyond my wildest dreams, beyond anything you've seen before.