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Tampa Wedding at The Rusty Pelican Restaurant from Paige Lowe Photography

Some color palettes just sing to me, making me giddier than I probably should admit. Well the pops of pink mixed with the naturally gorgeous blues of this Tampa wedding from Paige Lowe Photography fall smack dab in the middle of that giddy-inducing category. And when you start to pull back all the layers of this gorgeous seaside soiree, you slowly begin to realize you are looking at prettiness defined. And it doesn't get better than that.


Ojai Wedding by Paige Lowe Photography

I don't think I could love a wedding any more than I love this one. I'm completely smitten with it's perfectly pink hues, gorgeous vistas, and the fact that the entire family chipped in and got their DIY on for the big day. This intimate wedding truly was a labor of love and everyone on the guest list contributed in some way, helping to create a feeling of inclusion and love. Sigh. This sweet fete truly reflects what weddings are all about.