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"Natalie Kilgore"

Savannah Harper Fowlkes House Wedding from Donna Von Bruening

I have a thing for al fresco affairs. And by a thing, I mean I have a full on obsession with each and every twinkling light and seat at the seemingly never-ending banquet table. It's the conversations I can imagine the guests having, that extra glass of wine poured - all while the stars shine down on you. Al fresco equals the most dreamy of nights to me, so hosting such an affair in Savannah (the capital of charming) could just put me over the edge. But it's an edge I'll gladly go over.


Austin Wedding at Barr Mansion from Sarah Q: Photography for Happy People

I so love that this bride was inspired by sunsets and planned her entire wedding around the vibrant colors of the almost-night sky. Not only is it super romantic and creative, it lends itself to one heck of a pretty day. And to complement all those pretty pinks, oranges and yellows she used mismatched vintage china, pretty mason jars wrapped in doillies, and gorgeous hand painted dinner menus. Each and every detail was crafted thoughtfully and we've got ...