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When John Mayer + Katy Perry Play At Your Reception, It’s Bound to Be an Epic Party

Morning, lovies! We're waking you up with one extra exciting feature. Like crazy pants exciting, because this mountainside wedding is just plain pretty (our jaws are dropped). And while this music-filled love-fest is amazing in and of itself, it's the raw emotion captured by Nashan Photographers that's touched our hearts completely. Take a peek in the gallery and on...


Big Sky Wedding by Nashan Photographers

I've always had this weird obsession with Montana even though I've never been lucky enough to go there...and now this obsession has reached a whole, new level and I need to get my booty out west pronto! I'm loving each and every detail of this wedding as if it were my own. I love that there were hayrides and horseshoes, s'mores and campfires! What a perfect way to highlight all the things about Montana for all your out of state guests.