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"More Cupcakes"

Chicago Wedding at Prairie Production from Dawn E. Roscoe

This Prairie Production wedding is modern chic to the max! I love how the white crisp walls and surroundings let the couple's choice of royal purple take center stage for some dramatic tablescapes and details. This modern space is to die for -- It feel like you're having an elegant dinner in a trendy art gallery filled with priceless art of, well, the couple of course!


Zed451 Wedding by Victoria Sprung Photography

I'm always blown away when a couple can create a wedding that is so chic and full of style yet is so simple and understated at the same time.  What this sweet pair put together for their romantic Chicago affair by Victoria Sprung Photography with just a few sweet, modern touches is just incredible.  The barely there centerpieces only enhance the urban elegance of the venue and let the guests focus on the love, celebration and guitar...