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"Moment Prive"

Newport Coast Wedding from Wai Reyes Photography

Putting my love of morning weddings into words is kind of like trying to describe that rush you get when you eat a really, really amazing piece of chocolate.  You know what I am talking about... it's a feeling that's sooo awesome, it's like pure, speechless bliss.  The exact same feeling, mind you, that I had when I first spotted this beautiful Newport Coast affair from Wai Reyes Photography, a Sunday morning...


San Clemente Military Wedding by Wai Reyes Photography

We are continuing our Veterans Day tribute for all the men and women in uniform with a picture perfect day from Wai Reyes Photography. Held right before the handsome groom was deployed, every moment was as special as it was pretty. Family and friends flew from all over the world to celebrate this adorable couple in San Clemente, and you can feel the love in each and every image.