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"Miss Aimmey Hair & Makeup"

Werribee Wedding from Louisa Bailey

This wedding is exactly what I need on a Tuesday morning. A pretty package of love and the happiest of smiles seen through the lens of Louisa Bailey. Complete with sweet kisses underneath the most stunning purple petaled tree I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure I'll be in the gallery, wishing I was underneath that gorgeous tree all. day. long.


Hot Air Balloon Engagement Session from Finessence Photography

If ever there was an engagement session to completely steal your heart in every.which.way, this, my friends, is IT.  A hot air balloon extravaganza with a crazy cool vintage vibe, it's a sweeter than sweet duo meets bundles of fun meets too many darling DIY details to count.  Yep - saving the date has never been more chic and the proof is in the uber-fabulous images captured by Finessence Photography.  Love is most definitely in...