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"Malibu Family Wines"

Music Festival Inspired Malibu Wedding

Oh, what I would've given to attend this Saddlerock Ranch soiree. Combining California and carousels this outdoor music festival inspired affair (appropriately dubbed Rollypalooza) is simply incredible. With multiple live bands, food trucks, festive attire, and Seed Floral blooms - who can resist every rollicking element?


Malibu Wedding at Saddlerock Ranch

Hold onto your hats SMPers, this Saddlerock Ranch stunner is image after image (snapped up by Shannen Norman) of pure gorgeous. The setting, the couple, the details - it's all simply beyond. And when you throw in a few zebras for good measure, the ante is officially upped.


Saddlerock Ranch Wedding by Caroline Tran Photographer

I know you are going to think I am lying when I say that this drop dead gorgeous wedding was planned in just THREE WEEKS, but it was, believe it or not! The adorable couple originally intended on eloping to Fiji and just three weeks before the big day, the bride's dad called and said he wanted to walk her down the aisle and NOT in Fiji. And c'mon, how can you say no to your dad? Well the proof is in the stunning images from...