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"Lori Parker Floral Studios"

St. Augustine Summer Wedding from Christina Block Photography

This gorgeous wedding started with a completely adorable love story that began way back in 8th grade. And now here they are on pages of SMP Florida thanks to the stunning set of images below by Christina Block Photography, with forever and ever in front of them. It leaves us with a wedding that is the perfect combination of stylish and sweet, making this gallery one you shouldn't miss.


Winterbourne on the St. Johns Wedding from Jenn Hopkins Photography

I've never actually visited the picturesque venue that is the Winterbourne on the St. Johns, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that it was one of the most beautiful places ever to say "I do."  It's a certainty that comes with a whole lot of definitive research on the subject, aka, hours upon hours of soaking in the pretty from this darling day captured by ...