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"Lime Green Photography"

Laurita Winery Wedding from Lime Green Photography

The moodiness of Lime Green Photography's work is stunning. It really puts a lump in your throat, whether you know the beautiful couple or not. I don't personally know these two (though, based on their amazing wedding I think we would totally hit it off) but I had to fight back the tears the entire time I was looking through the gallery!


Anguilla Wedding from Lime Green Photography

Here is your one and only warning. Shut your door. Turn off your phone. Put an out of office on your email. Because you are about to fall in love. We're showing you what quite possibly could be the prettiest wedding Anguilla has ever seen, with a bride as lovely and a groom as handsome as ever. Lime Green Photography was the lucky one to travel to Anguilla with this couple in the name of capturing the most amazing memories of their...


Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

Maybe I watched The Little Mermaid a few too many times when I was younger, but this anniversary shoot is kind of my dream come true. It has a moody, mermaid feel to it and I'm eating every single image right up. Lime Green Photography, you just made my weekend. I think this is the best way to scoot you off into your weekend, but don't forget to pop in...