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Toronto Wedding from Vivian Hui + Lapin Weddings

Every day I find a new reason to grab the man of my dreams, run off to Canada and tie the knot.  Every single day.  And today's gorgeous Toronto affair just so happens to be temptation number 3,427.  (But, who's counting?)  Because when it comes to lovely weddings, this affair most definitely takes the cake with the fab stylings of With Joy Wedding Service, a beautiful...


Ontario Farm Wedding by Jennifer Ballard Photography

Heavens to Besty, Jennifer Ballard Photography sent us a beyond adorable farm fête, and I have been giddy with glee ever since. The couple (ps. how cute are they!?) wanted their love for the country and all the critters that live there to shine through in a stylish way, and boy did their style shine! From the bow ties to all the graphic design done by the bride - it's practically perfect in every way!