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Organically Curated Kindred-Style Ranch House Wedding

One of the things we preach on SMP is to always make your wedding your own. And this gorgeous, glowy, ridiculously joy filled bride and groom did just that. From the hymns chosen to the milk and cookies they served instead of the cake, every last detail allowed their story to unfold. And the photos by Anna Delores give us a perfect glimpse into all of the lovely.


Rustic Elegant Wedding Inspiration at Miner’s Foundry

We've been chomping at the bit to get this gorgeous shoot on the SMP screens, and thank heavens today is the day because I don't think I could wait a second longer. With styling and floral design from Thistle And Honey so incredibly gorgeous I could cry (if I could hug those bouquets, I would), all captured in a stunning fashion by ...


Casual Walnut Orchard Wedding

Picking just the right spot to host the Big Day is no easy task. But when you've got grandparents with a walnut orchard that's straight out of a storybook, the tough decision instantly becomes simple. Add in a sister-of-the-bride slash pro wedding designer and the amazing Abi Q behind the lens, and you've got a wedding that's worth a nice, long look.