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"Keisha's Kreations"

Bryan Wedding at Traditions Club from Everest Road Photography

People often ask me if I grow tired of weddings. I am quick to answer, never.  And all I have to do to make them see why weddings will always have my heart is show them a wedding like this one. A wedding focused on family and the belief in marriage. A wedding that is gorgeous, yes, but one that is layered with love. It's enough to make anyone fall in love with weddings, and with images from ...


Houston Wedding from Still-Life Media Photography

Confession time.  I've never really considered myself a girly girl.  (I know, I know... a non-girly girl obsessed with weddings.  Such a juxtaposition.)  I prefer flip flops to heels, football games to The Real Housewives and I can't bake one.single.thing.  But, when it comes to the color pink, well... my tomboyish tendencies take a serious back seat.  Because pretty pink hues playing nice with a drop-dead gorgeous (Houston) wedding?  That's an entirely different kind of lovely.  See it...