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A Pink & Purple Home from Julien Fernandez

It has, more or less, always been my dream to live in a pink and purple home. You'd think that I would have grown out of such fantasies since the age of four, and to be honest, I thought I had too! That is, until I set sights on these photos. Captured by the fabulous Julien Fernandez, this 19th century home located in eastern France, demonstrates pink and purple done right. My four year old self would be so incredibly thrilled. ...


At home with Caroline Gomez from Julien Fernandez

Though I'm typically drawn to more traditional spaces, I can't deny that this colourful & fun nordic-inspired home, captured by Julien Fernandez, is reigning me in. As a trained colorist,  Caroline did a fabulous job at incorporating highly saturated hues in a manner that doesn't feel overwhelming. And let's be real here, any space that has a pink fridge is one I'd be...


Bordeaux Home by Julien Fernandez

The best thing about finding inspiration online is that the said inspiration can pretty much come from anywhere in the world. Because it's about taking found ideas and putting your own style stamp on them. One that works just for you . So we're pretty happy about this next Home Tour photographed by the talented Julien Fernandez. Because it's bursting over with steal-worthy ideas that you can transform into something totally personal.