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"John and Colette | Photography & Beauty"

Modern Rooftop Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles

Listing all of the reasons this wedding is awesome would probably take me around a decade, so I'll just say this: this is the coolest day you'll ever see.  A crazy chic combo of modern design from Lady Liberty Events, a breathtaking setting and beautiful images from John and Colette Photography & Beauty, it's the sort of contemporary soiree that is hall of fame worthy.


Los Angeles Wedding from John and Colette + Peony & Plum

There are beautiful weddings, and then they are beautiful weddings. Weddings that feel like they are straight out of a book. Romance in the most exciting places, warmth hugging you from every image (thank you for that John and Colette | Photography & Beauty), and just the perfect amount of drama. Often these beautiful weddings are filled with flowers so lovely, they are more a work of art than a bridal bouquet (thank you for that...