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San Diego Wedding from heidi-o-photo

Two things before we dive into this wedding: A) the flowers by Adelaide's La Jolla kick some beautiful booty and B) this lovely Bride can rock a pair of mustard heels like nobody's business. Now that it's all out on the table, I implore you to dive headfirst into the images by heidi-o-photo. They tell the story of a hand-crafted affair full of cute coupledom and DIY charm.


Modern Rooftop Wedding at The Andaz Hotel

When Melissa McClure Photography sent us this first little number, we were instantly mesmerized with the modern decor, the crazy gorgeous rooftop ceremony, and of course, the plethora of succulents. (Yes, we're still whole-heartedly on that bandwagon) In fact, I don't think there is one little piece of this wedding that we aren't head over heels for. It's cool, it's contemporary and it's all ours to devour in the...