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"Jazz Fever"

Sydney Wedding from Jenny Sun Photography + Paper Cranes Productions

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Australian weddings?  Because I definitely thinks its worth repeating.  Especially after spending the day basking in this beautiful Sydney gem by Jenny Sun Photography, which is like image after image of pure beauty jumping straight from my computer screen. It's just that good.  I'm talking a DIY meets stunning fashion meets beautiful hues kind of good.  And the bride?  She's stunning and...


Sergeants Mess Wedding by Paper Crane Productions

You know those couples that are so in love that you can literally see it radiate off of them? Yup, Kitty and Tuan are just that couple. I don't think I've ever seen a bigger or more beautiful smile on a bride before today. Paper Crane Productions filmed their gorgeous day that included some very sweet moments including Tuan searching for a hidden gift left by Kitty and a funny newlywed type quiz hosted by the wedding party at the reception.